Editorial Advisory Members


In keeping with our editorial policy, most of our manuscripts undergo a very rigorous scientific review. This is particularly true for academic manuscripts. We have over a dozen scholars tasked with the peer review process. For details on our peer review policy, visit the FAQ page or the peer review page. The following individuals constitute core members of our editorial advisory team whose expert opinions we take into account before making a final decision about publishing a manuscript.

Kehbuma Langmia, PhD

Dr. Kehbuma Langmia is Professor in the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communications. A graduate from the Mass Communication and Media Studies Program at Howard University in 2006, Dr. Langmia has extensive knowledge and expertise in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Social Media. Since earning his PhD in Mass Communications and Media Studies from Howard University in 2006, he has written and published books, book chapters and research articles in prominent national and international journals. His most recent book “Social Media: Pedagogy and Practice” which he co-edited and authored two chapters in it has been published by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2014.

Lilian L. Atanga, PhD

Dr Lilian Lem Atanga is an Associate Professor of Gender and Discourse Studies, formerly of the Department of African Studies of the University of Dschang, and currently, Department of English at the Higher Teacher’s Training College, The University of Bamenda. Since obtaining her PhD in Linguistics from Lancaster University, UK, she has researched on language, gender, politics and the media in African contexts. She has published books, book chapters, and journal articles in high impact journals and encyclopedias. She’s co-editor of Gender and Language in Sub-Saharan Africa: Tradition, Struggle and Change (John Benjamins 2013.

Euclides Gonçalves, PhD

Euclides Gonçalves is a Senior Researcher and Director at Kaleidoscopio – Research in Public Policy and Culture. He holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Witwatersrand (2012) and worked as a Program Assistant at the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), Senegal. His current research focuses on bureaucratic processes and political rituals.

Walter G. Nkwi, PhD

Walter Gam Nkwi holds a PhD in Social History/ Social Anthropology from the Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. He has published quite widely in peer reviewed journals, books and book chapters. He is the author of Voicing the Voiceless: Towards Closing Gaps in Cameroon History, 1958-2000Sons and Daughters of the Soil: Land and Boundary Conflicts in Northwest CameroonKfaang with its technologies: Towards a Social History of mobility of Kom, Cameroon, c.1928-1998. His latest book is University Crisis and Student Protests in Africa: The 2005-2006 University Students’ Strike in Cameroon which he co-published with Professors Francis B. Nyamnjoh and Piet Konings. Dr. Nkwi was a senior researcher at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam from September 2012 to February 2013. He is currently senior lecturer in the Department of History, University of Buea, Cameroon. Dr. Nkwi has a passion for the social history of technology, indigenous conflict management, cultural history and global labour historical issues of Africa.

Primus M. Tazanu, PhD

Primus M. Tazanu holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Freiburg, Germany. He has published in peer reviewed journals, and is the author of Being Available and Reachable: New Media and Cameroonian Transnational Sociality (2012, Langaa RPCIG) in which he describes the discomforts of mobile phone and the Internet in Cameroonian transnational social relationships. His research interests include new communication media (mobile phone and Internet), transnationalism, migrant integration, ICTs and livelihood, Pentecostalism and visual representations. He has been a guest lecturer at the universities of Basel, Freiburg, and Buea. Dr Tazanu is presently an independent researcher based in Copenhagen, Denmark.