Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of publisher is Spears Media Press?

Spears Media Press LLC is an independent publisher and design company dedicated to providing innovative publication strategies and dynamic media solutions. Founded in 2014, Spears is committed to providing vital space for authors interested in publishing both popular and academic titles.

What precisely does Press publish?

We publish books (trade and academic titles), magazines etc. We also design book covers on commission, logos, brochures, and business media. Visit our gallery page for a sample of some of the print and digital media services we offer.

Do I have to pay in order to publish my book?

No, you don’t have to pay to be published by Spears. As an independent publisher, we prioritize excellence over cost. However, should an author wish to have more control over the marketing and distribution of your title, we encourage you to choose a suitable book package where you’ll pay a one-time fee for the publication of your title. Authors who do not choose a book plan/package are expected to sign a book contract or publishing agreement that spells out the terms of the publication and the royalty you may expect following the release of your book.

Am I entitled to a free copy of my book when it is published?

Certainly, should you choose to sign a publishing agreement, you will get TWO free copies of your book, shipped to any destination of your choice without any charge to you. Authors who choose a book plan will have the designated number of books in their chosen plan shipped to them.

Who keeps the copyright of my book once it is published?

The publishing agreement you sign states explicitly that you will retain the copyright of your title. When you sign a book contract with the publisher, you grant us exclusive permission to design, print and market your work. Should you choose a book plan and depending on what elements are covered, we may file for a copyright certificate in the USA on your behalf.

What does the publication process entail?

We have prepared two separate documents that answer this question in detail. The first one is titled the “Publishing Process” which spells out the seven steps you need to know beginning with the conception of a book proposal to its final publication. Download a copy of this document here for your personal review. The other document is a manuscript preparation guide that details how your book should be formatted prior to submission. Our goal is to make this process as convenient and hitch-free as possible. It is important that prospective authors should familiarize themselves with the process and formatting requirements.

Do you need to review my book before it is published?

The Press carries out a thorough scientific review for all applicable titles prior to publication. However, we reserve the right to waive the review process for certain fictional works or previously published books that have been favourably reviewed by credible reviewers. This process ensures that the titles we publish meet the highest standards and are original in their contribution to human knowledge and entertainment. Further details on the review process may be obtained by visiting the Peer Review page.

What file formats do you accept for book submissions?

Microsoft Word formats are preferred. Further formatting guidelines may be obtained by downloading our manuscript preparation guide.

Who designs my book cover?

We have graphic designers dedicated to the task of preparing industry recognized designs of premium quality. You are invited to participate in this process by suggesting or submitting high resolution photos or design ideas that you reckon will maximize the outcome of this process. Our designers normally prepare TWO book covers from which you’ll choose what best appeals to your taste or preference. Samples of our book cover and mock-ups can be found by visiting the gallery page.

How long does the publication process take?

We will work with you to maximize efficiency and lessen the amount of time it takes to get your work published. We know how excited you are to see your work in print and will not delay this process. The time for publishing a given work depends on the size and complexity of the project. Based on our experience, it normally takes an average of three to four months from the time of submission to the date of publication – but this could take longer depending on the review process.

Do I have the choice to review my book before it is published?

Of course! You will be given an electronic galley proof of your book in PDF format prior to its publication. You are normally expected to return the proofs with any corrections within 30 days. You will review and approve everything including the book cover, blurbs etc. before we go to print.

Can I market my book?

Certainly and this is highly encouraged. As a matter of fact, authors can be very influential in how well a title sells. Should you choose to hold a book launch, we can discuss the logistics of this with our distributors and support you to the best of our abilities.

How widely available will my book be?

Your book will be available throughout the world via online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kalahari (South Africa) and many bookshops and other outlets in Europe, North America and Australia. Spears Media Press distributes all its books by means of Print on Demand (POD) and directly to over 39,000 whole sellers around the world.

Can I get a discount when I buy my book?

All authors are entitled to discounts when they buy their books. The discount may range from 20% to 40% depending on the quantity ordered. You may purchase a single copy at a discount of 20%; 3-5 copies at a discount of 30% and 6 or more copies at a discounted rate of 35%. We’ll be delighted to negotiate further discounts in collaboration should you be interested in ordering bulk copies of your title.

What amount of royalty can I expect from the Press?

The terms and conditions for royalty payment are detailed in your book contract. We offer very competitive rates that range from 10% – 50% subject to the sales of your book or the versions in which it is published (Print or ebook).

How do I know my royalty?

The price is determined by the cost of production and marketing of your title. Your royalty will be a percentage of this as specified in your publishing agreement – which will depend on the version of the publication (ebook or print). You will also receive biannual updates on how your book is performing and what you may expect in terms of royalty.

When and how will I get my royalty?

Payments will be made on a cumulative basis that amounts to the nearest $100 per reporting period. You may be paid via direct deposit, by money order or bank guaranteed cheque made payable to your name or your designee. If the royalty that accrues from the sale of your book amounts to or exceeds $100 during the first half (January to June), you should expect a cheque or bank deposit from Spears Media Press before the end of June of that year. Further details will be spelled out in your publishing agreement.

Who do I contact?

Email any of our editors or call our business line between 9AM and 7PM MST Mondays through Fridays.