Peer Review

The peer review process ensures that only books of high academic quality are published under the Spears Media imprint.

Every manuscript that is favorably reviewed is accepted for publication. The main guiding criterion for acceptance is academic excellence and originality; other criteria, such as budget considerations and quotas do not apply to the screening process. This levels the playing field for faculty, scholars, researchers, and graduate students, and gives prospective author a fair chance to share their knowledge with readers worldwide.

The peer review process is waived in the following cases:

  • Reprints of books which had been reviewed at the time of the original edition and were favourably recognized by readers and the academic community.
  • Manuscripts which have been reviewed by reputable scholars previous to submission and Spears Media Press finds the reviews satisfactory.
  • Spears Media Press also publishes non-academic books on a wide variety of areas: Children’s literature, Politics, Popular Science, Fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, and Poetry etc. These books are not subject to peer review and are accepted at the discretion of the Publisher.