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Nagella Nukuna

Nagella Nukuna, PhD has been cooking African meals for her family and friends for most of her life. She enjoys eating wholesome healthy food. She is a passionate health and wellness advocate and proponent of healthy cooking and proper consumption. She has lived in Cameroon, Nigeria and the United States and in each of these places she has indulged in her passion for cooking by collecting and fusing recipe ideas. For over a decade, she has been dedicated to understanding the nutrition of many of the African foods she grew up eating. Her love for healthy cooking and African foods are the inspiration for this book. She is an established leading chemist who has served in various academic and industrial chemical companies. Her ultimate goal is to infuse well sought after ethnic foods and their nutritional content into the wellness space that is currently void of African, Native American and Latina meals. Nagella is a wife and mother of three. She resides in Newark, Delaware with her family.

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